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FAQ about the skin protection spray

What is the skin protection spray?
The skin protection spray prevents skin irritation and intensifies the adhesive effect of the strips. It is sprayed on the back of the ear about 30 seconds before applying the strip. The skin protective spray is recommended for preventive use and in case of problems with transpiration behind the ear or if redness or irritations occur. The spray is used in combination with the strips.
How to remove the spray film from the hair?
The spray will dissolve automatic. You can remove the spray with warm water and mild soap and/or baby oil.
What happens if the spray gets into the eyes?
It is important to avoid spraying the face. Only apply the spray at the back of the ears. Close your eyes when the spray is applied and use the protection cardboard delivered with the spray as shown in the instructions manual. If spray gets in the eyes, rinse your eyes with water and contact your physician. Keep the spray out of reach of children.
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