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An alternative to ear surgery

With Sorribes Ear Method® all the risks and pain related to anaesthesia and surgery are avoided.

Comparable to correcting protruding teeth with braces
Normal ears have a fold called anthelix in the cartilage of the outer ear. The anthelix-fold bends the ear and makes it lie close to the head. Usually protruding ears have no or very little anthelix-fold. As a result to this the ears stick out from the head. Sorribes Ear Method gently moulds the cartilage of the ear and creates the missing anthelix-fold permanently.

For all ages
The essence of the Sorribes Ear Method® is to correct irregular ears gentle with a permanent results. The method works for newborns, babies, children, teenagers and adults. The products are available in different sizes and thickness appropriate to different ages. The staff at Sorribes Online provides an individual treatment plan tailored to your age. As a general rule, the treatment period is shorter the younger you are.

Home treatment
The treatment is carried out at your home assisted by the team at SorribesOnline. We are there for you throughout the treatment period. We communicate with you via emails and aim to answer within 24 hours. You frequently take photos of the ears and keep a journal of daily hours of treatment. Every 4-6 weeks we evaluate your journal and your photos and adjust treatment coherently.