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Easy and painless ear correction for all ages

The sooner you start treatment,the better

Prominent ears are the most frequent ear deformity, and are mostly caused by the outer ear missing one of the cartilage folds holding the ear to the head.
The Sorribes Ear Method® will create the missing folds in the ears permanently. The younger the patient is, the softer the cartilage of the ear and the shorter the treatment period.

Age and duration of the treatment

Normally, ears have a fold in the cartilage that bends the ears making them lie close to the head. Protruding ears is missing this fold and as a result to this, the ears will stick out from the head. Sorribes Ear Method® creates the missing fold permanently by moulding the cartilage of the ear. The softer the cartilage of the ear is, the shorter the treatment period is, and as the ear cartilage gets stiff with age, the treatment period extends concurrently with age. This means that treatment is very effective for newborn babies with soft cartilage and less effective for teenagers and adults with stiff ears. The older you are, the longer treatment period you can expect - the longest treatment period will be one year tops.

Individual treatment and supervision

Sorribes Ear Method® works for all ages. Our products are manufactured in different models and different sizes for different ages and different types of ear deformities. Not two set of ears are alike and your treatment as well as your supervision is tailored for your individual needs. We can give an estimate of the duration of treatment when we assess your photos.